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Our 3rd annual pub crawl is tomorrow! You can still order tickets online until 5:00 Friday, after that you’ll have to get them at the door Saturday (Oct 7) between 1:30 ande 2:30pm. The price remains just $15!

By popular request, here is everything you need to know about tomorrow’s events so you can be as ready as you can be then you get here…

What you need to be doing to before tomorrow:

What To Bring With You on Saturday:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • Your phone (fully charged), and if possible a phone charger or external battery.
  • Any pop tabs you have been saving.
  • You do not need to bring your ticket if you registered in advance, we have your name at the check-in table.

What We Will Provide You:

  • At check-in: Your t-shirt
  • After we break you into teams: Your team’s ID sign (to display in team photos) which has a copy of the rules and other helpful info on the back, the scavenger hunt list, a map of all the open bars within about 20 minutes walking distance of the streetcar line, and a bag with some extra goodies you’ll need that your team can also use to carry its stuff around in.

Where To Park:

  • All downtown on-street parking is free on the weekend, so do not feed the meters. There should be lots of open spaces on the block in front of Zoo Bar and on the block immediately north, as well as on 12th Street between McGee and Oak.
  • The parking lot next to the bar is a pay lot. $5 to park all day (unless there is an event, which there should not be).

Each team will get a printed copy of the detailed legalese-style rules tomorrow, but the important things you need to know are:

  • Your team must stay together, and must walk or take the free streetcar to every destination. No other transportation is allowed.
  • You can visit any bar you wish in walking distance. Your team must buy a round of drinks at each bar. They don’t need to contain alcohol and 2 team members may abstain at each bar.
  • You earn points by posting photos to your assigned Instagram account using special hashtags we will provide.
  • Keep with the spirit of the scavenger hunt list items. Don’t create the things you find and don’t submit photos of things on video screens unless specifically requested.
  • Nothing at Zoo Bar counts for points.
  • Have fun and remember it’s all for the kids!


1:30-2:30pm: Check-In & Last Minute Sign-Ups

  • On the sidewalk at 1212 McGee. Have your ID ready.
  • If you haven’t paid yet, you can pay your $15 with cash or credit right there at the table.
  • Please be checked-in, or at least in line at the check-in table, by 2:30 so we can get started on time!

2:30-3:00pm: Breaking Into Teams

  • Several of you have already formed teams, which is great! Less work for us!
  • If you don’t have a team, we will help get you paired up with others.
  • Teams should have 4 to 6 members. If you have less than 4 on your team, we may ask you to allow other people to join you.
  • The minimum team size is 3, as it is impossible to complete certain challenges without at least three people.
  • Once broken into teams, we will assign you your team number/color and your Instagram username/password.
  • New this year: You will also get a mobile web link so you can track your team’s progress against the other teams while you play!
  • Take a team photo and post it to your assigned Instagram account using the hashtag #myteam Then come to the scoring table inside Zoo Bar so we can verify we got it and give you your list and bag of goodies. If it all checks out, you can get started!

3:00-8:00: The pub crawl!

  • Visit any bars your team wants to, but you can only go to them by walking or taking the free streetcar. No other form of transportation is allowed. Not even for the return trip back to Zoo Bar.
  • At each bar order a round of drinks. The drinks do not have to contain alcohol, and two team members may abstain from drinking at each bar. Post a check-in photo if your team with its drinks using the hashtag #bar, making sure to indicate the name if the bar.
    • After you do that, look at the scavenger hunt list for additional points you can earn at each bar.
  • The scavenger hunt list also includes bonus items you earn while walking around in-between bars.
  • If your team cannot complete the entire crawl, please stop by the scoring table inside Zoo Bar when you are finished to let us know. (Bear in mind, you won’t be eligible for prizes if you aren’t present at prize time except in any instances where a specific member of your team wins a special award.)
  • Return to Zoo Bar and check in at the scoring table by 8:00! (But don’t come back too early, if you have 20 minutes left you ought to be able to squeeze one more stop in.)

8:00-8:30: Scoring & Prizes!
After a few minutes so we can tally in pop tab collection bonus points and penalize teams that return late, we’ll announce the winners and let them choose their prizes!

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